30 Great Gift Ideas For Kids with Lasting Value

Here is a list of 30 things that kids will love and that parents will love too. We all love the idea of a gift that has lasting value and that will steer kids towards wholesome play and fun. Many of them are gifts we have given previously so see this list as tried and tested! I hope they help you make great gift purchases for kids through the year.

  1. Binoculars – perfect to explore seeing the world from a different angle! Pair this with an insect/bird book or app and you are winning! These ones from Take-a-lot look perfect!
  2. Magnifying glass-another great tool to view the world from a different perspective!
  3. A wide brimmed sun hat in a fun design- an essential for every outdoor explorer! Check out this local company:
  4. A small pen knife for slightly bigger kids- such a great ‘grown-up kid’ tool.
  5. Micro greens growing set. Such a great way to encourage those green fingers and healthy eating too!
  6. Their own sleeping bag, camping chair or camping mattress. If you are a camping family these are great items that will be used many times and it is also great to encourage ownership and acre of these if they belong to them. If you are not into camping don’t under estimate the thrill of back yard camping! Don’t these sleeping bags look great! Well-priced and practical!
  7. A head torch. These are great for around a camp fire, school camping trip, braai or for playing ‘shadow games’.
  8. A few different lengths of rope and a print all about basic knots- such a lost skill in our digital age! Here is a good place to start-
  9. A garden game that can be set up on your lawn and enjoyed for many seasons to come like boulle, garden croquet, swing ball or a less conventional game such as hessian bags to do sack races!
  10. Water play is always a hit and granted you are not under major water restrictions you can add a lot of value to your pool or outdoor water fun with a sprinkler attachment, some large pool lilos, diving sticks or even a slip ‘n slide. These look fun!
  11. A French knitting set or basic knitting needle and wool, there are many You Tube tutorials on learning to knit if you have forgotten how to cast on – like me!
  12. A real musical instrument. How about a harmonica, a small drum, a recorder or small ukulele. Kids LOVE music and letting them experiment on these real instruments is such a great way to see if they are keen on taking formula lessons later on. We always enjoy making up silly tunes on our harmonica. Along with this gift will come a life lesson on caring for such items.
  13. A box of water colours and paintbrushes. Even a young child will enjoy selecting colours from these and crating new masterpieces- the more free expression the better! Also these sets are great as the whole process can be done without a huge amount of mess and therefore is suitable for indoors or outdoors. They are also really easy to take along on holiday with you!
  14. Air-drying clay. What a great idea. No kiln necessary. Your little potter and create and enjoy either using or playing with their sculptures after they have dried. Look up making pinch pots online for a fun activity.
  15. A make your own baking set– you can either buy a set of make your own brownies, gingerbread house or create your own by purchasing the items separately. I have done both. I pairs up cookie cutters and a baking tray with a pre made cookie dough set- it was met with delight!
  16. We love playdough! It is so versatile and provides many, many opportunities for kids to explore using their senses. Make your own or purchase the amazing sets on offer. We also love playdough mats- many can be printed off the web and added to your gift.
  17. Purchase any book with blank pages, add some stickers, new funky pens and you have the perfect journal gift for any age child- a space where they can create! From art or holiday journals to a written diary the possibilities are endless.
  18. A small sewing kit. I purchase the sweetest sewing tin recently which contained all the essential for a novice sewer. Add some material scraps and check out these simple patterns to encourage some fun mini projects with fabric.
  19. A small digital camera. This a great gift for a child to experiment with their own creativity having the freedom to snap away without mom or dad wanting their phone back.
  20. An mp3 music player and headphones- this is such a great way to encourage a love of music tastes/ Load it up with a variety of songs and your gift is good to go!
  21. Dressing-up accessories. From pirate bandanas and eye patches to butterfly wings and hats. Select something fun and versatile. These will provide great fun for imaginary play will also double up as great props for dress-up parties and school dress-up days too!
  22. Thick side walk chalk to use on a driveway or will provide many opportunities for future play- hopscotch, free drawing, spiral drawing and so many more games! Check out these games.
  23. Open-end wooden toys such as a timeless classic Grimm’s rainbow or trolley with colourful blocks for the little ones. These versatile toys can be used in so many ways that it will grow with the child as their play develops!
  24. A quality classic board games such as chess, dominoes or pick up sticks. My childhood was filled with these games and I have so many memories paying them with my dad. Purchase one as a gift and then spent time together brushing up on the rules before you play.
  25. Lego always appears on every gift ‘wish list’ in our house. Their ranges have grown and developed over the years to cross all interests and skill levels. Be it small lego or Duplo our kids have loved every single set they have been gifted with. We love the endless creativity that Lego provides. Keep an eye out for Toy Kingdom’s 2 for 3 deals on Lego sets or check out the fabulous Kiddiwinks.
  26. A larger buy which we made and has been worth every cent spent is a trampoline. These movable ones with safety net are perfect for letting any age kid burn up excess energy.
  27. A Ball for playing a variety of sports- from mini cricket sets to a soft ball to play piggy in the middle. Balls are versatile and generally provide long lasting fun!
  28. A teepee tent to pitch in the back yard. Even the smallest child will enjoy having their own ‘nook’ either pitched indoors or outdoors and as they grow these provide much fun in imaginary games.
  29. Wooden stamp sets. You can purchase pictures for those that can read letter sets are a great way to encourage word building. Fabulous for cards, journals and any creative project. Make sure you clean and dry them well after each use to preserves them for many years to come.
  30. Some wood work tools such as a small saw, nails, hammer and some pieces of scrap wood. This is a perfect gift for a budding engineers or woodworkers and as they grow their skills will develop.

We hope we have made your gift giving choices a little more joy-filled!


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