Why are we doing this?


It’s the same things everyday. The routines. The needs. The must do’s. The to do’s.

How to stay inspired, how to find the time, energy and motivation to do the things you have always wanted to do?

It crept upon me slowly, my thoughts, then the settling of them, then chatting about them, eventually culminating in, if I never take a leap then nothing will happen.

John and I used to work on projects together, we sync as a team, we play our roles well, we missed that. We looked at our children and wanted to live a life of fun, adventure, creativity and ideas. We looked around and found inspiration all over the web, wonderful people and challenging ideas. We want to be part of that. We want to record some of that.

So this is us seizing the day, embracing the created time that we have been given on this beautiful planet, contributing to a meaningful daily life and hopefully leaving a legacy.

Our lives in this world-each day, what a gift! We blog to share about embracing, learning, teaching, creating, discovering, understanding and adventuring. We love to engage with inspiring people from all over the globe! Let’s take this one created day at a time!

Explore – Engage – Embrace

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