The Benefits of Learning Something NEW!

As a mother and a teacher I am in a constant mode of TEACHING, GIVING and GUIDING. But when last did I LEARN something brand new. When did I last get faced with instructions that I had to follow or engage my brain in a brand new set of information. In fact when did most of us adults intentionally put ourselves in the position of learner?

One week ago I was sitting on top of a saddle, on top of a horse taking on my newest endevour, my first set of horse riding lessons. Yes i have ridden on a horse before but I have never taken lessons, instructions and guidance from someone who knows way more than me! Humbling and wonderful to be in the seat of learning, instructed by someone half my age!

What a wonderfully rich experience. Hands, here, legs there.. Remember this, remember . Later in the week chatting to a friend I heard how she has signed up on Babble for French lessons, a life-long dream of hers to learn the language is now in it’s baby steps. Why do we shy away from DOING. Let us encourage each other to seize the day, get out of those comfort zones, try out, sign up and learn something new because there is so much more to learn than what you think you might learn!

When we learn something new we also..

Learn about oneself. It will encourage you, build your self-esteem and motivate you to see yourself in a different light. Ultimately taking on a new course of learning be it a skill or another area will liven your perception of yourself in the most positive way!

It will bring our personality traits of determination, resilience and stick-a-bility! All such positive characteristics that we need to hang onto in this life to not feel defeated.

Learn about others. Learning can sometimes mean struggling. Applying oneself to learn something, especially something which we do not know and is a tad daunting can be so wonderful for us as we will learn that going slower, repeating more and giving oneself a chance to catch on are such important foundations of learning. Great things to remember when are we teaching others in any sphere! Let’s slow down and given people the space they need when emparting new information.

Building your brain. Engaging our brains and create now neural pathways which empowers us to think, act and react in different ways . It has even been showing that learning a new skill can cause us to even remember old memories as we access different part sof our brain. The brain is a most amazing organ, malleable and flexible, always ready to learn!

You will become a more interesting person. You will have more to think about, more to talk about and more to engage with other people about. Your conversations with people will take on new directions as you have a deeper more broadened life to talk about. These valuable new touch points and new conversations will surprise you with unexpected chances to glean and engage with other people.

Your time management skills will be sharpened. In order to fit in something else into our already busy schedules you will have to make the space, find the time and make it happen. Adding something doesn’t necessarily mean something else has to go. It means you will have the opportunity to become an ever better time manager and planner. Something a few of us could benefit from!

You will meet new people and learn how to relate to them. New experiences always open the doors to meeting new people.  New people, whatever their field, passion and role in our life always bring something of value. Enjoy the lessons of learning from each new person in your life, each one a ‘teacher’ in their own right.

Learning something new gets your wheels turning and who knows where it may lead you! It will enliven your life and give you more than what you paid for, signed up for or envisioned. So do it and wish we well on horse riding lesson number 2 today!

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